Electrical and HVAC Certification in Tinley Park, IL

When you enroll in HVAC or electrical courses at HVAC Technical Institute, you establish the foreground for a successful future career. If you wish to receive electrical or HVAC certification, enroll in our trade school near Tinley Park, IL. Since 1994, we’ve assisted countless individuals in their endeavors of working in the HVAC and electrical industries.

Why You Should Choose Our HVAC Technician and Electrician Trade School

Our goal is simple: to give men and women the knowledge they need to effectively succeed in their respective workplaces. If you choose to become an electrician or HVAC professional, you need a thorough and hands-on education to help you excel at your trade.

We offer different HVAC and electrical courses where you can work one-on-one with your instructors in a 7,500-square-foot classroom and 10,000-square-foot workshop. In this environment, you’ll have access to different HVAC and electrical systems so you know how every component works. By the time you finish your courses, you’ll be more than well equipped to handle any job that comes your way.

For more information, you can contact us through our online form or by calling us at 773-927-9562. We’re happy to help you expand your education and broaden your career opportunities.