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HVAC Technical Institute
believes in the principle of complete preparation. Not only do we provide the essential knowledge and skills but also the opportunity for personal and professional development. Those who emerge from our program have the tools for professional growth and the essential skills needed to advance and succeed in the HVAC field.
HVAC Technical Institute
has been established with one goal in mind: to train and prepare men and women in practical skills and knowledge in order to increase their worth in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning workplace. Our staff has been in the HVAC/R business for a combined 65 years, in all phases including sales, installation, estimating, training and managing. It has become obvious to us that the need for qualified service technicians, as well as craftsman-like installers, is at an all-time high.

To Accomplish These Goals:

  • HVAC Technical Institute accepts only men / women who exhibit the enthusiasm and physical ability necessary to complete this rigorous course.
  • HVAC Technical Institute provides the best and most updated equipment available for instruction and uses it to meet the standards within the industry.
  • HVAC Technical Institute offers the complete training course in two languages (English and Spanish).
  • Our most important goal is for all enrolled students to participate in real job sites when available, allowing them to work on units out in the field.
  • All students will learn from videos, lab assignments and instructors who have proven field records.
  • Intensive hands-on training is provided to allow students adequate time in the lab.
  • Instruction on all phases of employment, including job placement assistance, customer relations and employee/employer relations will be addressed during the students training.

  • Accreditation "Certification of approval to operate issued by the Illinois State Superintendent of Education, 100 North First Street, Springfield, Illinois 62777."


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