Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration School in Chicago, IL and Surrounding Areas

Your future is in your hands—now let us help you make it a great one! Whether you’re looking to kick-start your career, take things in a new direction, or simply expand your horizons, our classes give you the power to make the change you want. As a graduate of HVAC Technical Institute, you’ll also find job security due to the ever-growing demand for qualified HVAC & refrigeration technicians. For gainful employment disclosures please click here.

Course Outline


There are many benefits to getting refrigeration training in Chicago, IL. In addition to giving you a comprehensive knowledge base, our training program will also provide you with practical, hands-on experience so you’ll be confident in your abilities when you enter the field.

Our small class sizes and detailed coursework ensure you’ll get the full spectrum of information related to the industry, while having easy access to your instructors at all times. That means each of our students receives personal instruction throughout each course, in addition to the overall classroom experience.


Getting your refrigeration certification in Chicago, IL won’t just give you the tools you need to succeed in the industry. Those who graduate from HVAC Technical Institute walk away with a deeper understanding of equipment and parts, giving them a competitive edge against others in the same line of work. You’ll be able to fix any commercial or domestic fridge, freezer, ice maker, or walk-in cooler with confidence.

Because we instruct our students on all aspects of the industry, you’ll be equipped with everything from the technical and practical knowledge of refrigeration to customer and employee/employer relations. We believe it’s important to produce well-rounded graduates capable of fast advancement in the field, so we provide our students with a firm foundation on which to build their careers.

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In order to keep up with today’s technology and better prepare our students for the HVAC industry, HVAC Technical Institute reserves the right to add or remove any courses and/or materials that will assist you in your education. HVAC Technical Institute also reserves the right to shorten or lengthen any sections or modules as it feels necessary. Video and/or tape recordings are not allowed in the lab and/or classroom. All modules must be taken and/or passed to receive a HVAC Technical Institute certificate.