HVAC and Electrical Certification Training Courses near Cicero, IL

Do you want to expand your job opportunities and find a great career? Sign up for courses at the HVAC Technical Institute. Located a few minutes away from Cicero, IL, HVAC Technical Institute offers trade school courses for HVAC and electrical work. With our help, you can work for yourself and build your own path to success.

Our HVAC and Electrical Certification Courses

We offer several HVAC training courses that acquaint you with the inner workings of furnaces and air conditioners, allowing you to repair them with ease. Our electrical services will help you understand wiring, construction, maintenance, repairs, and even programing for electrical controls. We make sure you can keep up with industry standards so you can be more competitive in the job market when you finish our classes.

We’ll train you to work for both businesses and homeowners, allowing you to maximize your opportunities. In addition, we offer job placement services with employers around Cicero, IL and the entire Chicagoland area. We’ll help you create a résumé, and we have the skills to ensure you can enjoy future job prospects.

If you are looking to get away from your current eight-to-five job and create a new career, trust the HVAC Technical Institute. Call 773-927-9562 to learn more about our programs.