HVAC and Electrical Trade School for Arlington Heights, IL

Are you good with your hands? Can you handle hard work that also requires skilled dexterity? Then you should consider obtaining HVAC certification from HVAC Technical Institute. After studying at our HVAC and electrical trade school, you could become your own boss as a trained HVAC contractor.

Our location in Chicago, IL, is easily reachable from Arlington Heights, IL. And because Arlington Heights has experienced a recent boom in development, the demand for skilled HVAC and electrical technicians in the area is higher than ever. As one of the most highly reputable HVAC and electrical trade schools in the state, we can help you be successful in your new and exciting career.

Personal and Professional Instructors

Because teaching is so important to our HVAC and electrical trade school, we try our best to ensure that each and every student receives direct training from a skilled and professional instructor. This means that we don’t overstuff our class, but rather limit them to a mere 20 students so that no participant is ever left out.

Throughout our courses, you will learn everything from basic A/C maintenance to advanced hydronics. We even offer a class for refrigeration specialties for individuals who wish to further their skill set. When you’re done with our classes, you will feel confident and prepared to face the next steps in your career, and we will continue to provide you with the help you need to be successful.

If you have any questions about our HVAC certification program available to Arlington Heights, IL, residents, call us at 773-927-9562. We are always ready to help you begin your education.