Gallery / Sears Training (Group 5)

HVAC Technical Institute and Sears have teamed up to provide established service technicians from all over the U.S. training focusing on heating and a/c troubleshooting techniques.

Air Conditioning training includes an overview of electrical schematics, contactors, condenser fans, capacitors, evaporators, condensers, compressors, metering devices, and refrigerant circuits. Concepts of superheat and sub-cooling, procedures for connecting and disconnecting gauges, rules for charging and recovering freon will be covered; finalizing the day with troubleshooting of live A/C’s.

Forced Air Heating training includes an overview of combustion (natural gas), standing pilot furnaces, direct ignition furnaces, and intermittent ignition furnaces (spark and smart valve). Training will finalize with a discussion and the opportunity to troubleshoot various types of live gas furnaces.

Note: This training is only available for Sears HVAC technicians. If you would like to take part of this training please contact your facilities manager to be signed up for the next training.