Create Your Own HVAC Career

manwithhvaccareerBoth young people and older workers who are training today for a future career in HVAC have a world of opportunities available to them when they receive their certifications. No matter which type of personality, work style, or area of interest you possess, there’s a niche job waiting for you to fill with your skills and expertise.

Many HVAC training graduates begin their careers in more traditional roles working with established home and commercial contractors. As you work in the field repairing systems you know and learning about new systems, you may find that you develop a passion for certain types of HVAC products, clients, or working conditions.

Latch on to your passions and study those niche markets in depth. Get trained and certified in the systems used in your preferred locations and set your own working conditions. Virtually every business and home needs HVAC services, so don’t be afraid to combine your passions.

HVAC for the Music Lover

Here’s a case in point: you may think that lumbering metal furnaces have nothing to do with music. But music stores, studios, entertainment venues, and festival grounds require HVAC installation and service. There are a host of niche HVAC possibilities for people who want to be backstage around music makers.

Music stores, musicians, and instrument collectors need HVAC systems that are precisely monitored for humidity levels. Too much or too little moisture in the air will warp or crack a delicate instrument. Music studios need HVAC systems that are as quiet as possible, with no bumping or knocking sounds that might affect a master recording.

Festival grounds rely on solar AC systems and portable HVAC units. A knowledge of generator-powered heaters and AC units is a plus. Old bars and saloons with performance stages may need HVAC professionals who know how to work the old equipment or install a new system that doesn’t detract from the history of the venue.

HVAC for Sailors

If you want to increase your income in the HVAC field, you have to attract clients who have the resources to hire you. Build up your base of upscale clients by dedicating yourself to a niche segment of the HVAC market. Study the hobbies and interests of the affluent demographic around you.

In the Great Lakes region, for example, there are many nautical clients looking for technicians to service the HVAC systems on their yachts and cabin cruisers. When you learn the craft of installing and repairing marine HVAC systems and perform your duties faithfully and honestly, your name will get around at the marinas. You’ll suddenly be in demand.

Some boats are being outfitted with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to manage the onboard systems, including power, lighting, ventilation, heating, and cooling systems. Get certified in PLC work, and you’ll be able to wow boat owners with the new flexibility and control you give them over their PLC systems. You’ll certainly be invited on cruises, but you’ll no doubt own your own boat before long.

HVAC for the Outdoor Lover

If you love to wander in the wilderness, you’re not alone. So do many people who stay in cabins, lodges, and hotels in scenic regions of the world. You could become a specialist in HVAC systems for small hotels and travel the ski circuit in winter. You can set up a system with which you ski a few hours a day and do emergency heating system repairs by night.

Learn about tropical AC systems to work at island resorts in exotic locations. Many resorts that are situated close to the equator have little need for heating systems, but they do require professionals with knowledge of solar, chilled water, and evaporative cooling systems.

Another possibility is working for the park service, forest service, or other outdoor-related organization. Many state and federal agencies hire HVAC technicians, as do public and private parks. Managers at these locations appreciate and hire people who are passionate about the recreational properties they serve.

HVAC for the Creative Genius

When you choose to work in the industrial HVAC sector, you become an expert problem solver. Most industrial HVAC systems involve custom applications of appliances that must be constantly tweaked, updated, and repaired. If you love to work with a team to solve puzzles and mysteries, this is the environment for you.

Working in one plant, you’ll be asked to solve problems with the same equipment over and over. While this may sound monotonous, this repetition helps you develop your diagnostic and repair skills. The set system also allows you to try new approaches until you’re able to adjust the facility environment to the client’s expectations.

If you work with a crew that goes from plant to plant, you have even more opportunities to problem solve and create unique systems to meet client’s needs. Whether a client needs specialty HVAC filtration for excess oil spray, individual cooling systems for offices, or ventilation in a food storage room, you can help design and install the components they need.

If you learn all you can about smart HVAC systems in manufacturing and industrial facilities, you’ll be way ahead of the pack in your knowledge and attractiveness to industry employers.

Contact HVAC Technical Institute today to get started on a fascinating and personal journey of your own. Learn about modern HVAC systems and become certified to begin a new and exciting career.