Air Conditioner Repair & Ventilation Training in Chicago, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Enrolling in a Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Training program in Chicago, IL and Surrounding Areas

Thinking about making a career move? As a certified HVAC technician, you will experience job security and personal satisfaction as you maintain equipment people depend on every day. The need for good technicians is constantly growing as technology continues to advance. We offer classes in air conditioning repair, heating repair, and ventilation training in Chicago, IL.

Course Outline

Course Overview

Becoming a certified HVAC technician requires completing several modules. Each is designed to cover one area of HVAC equipment.

Through each module, we prepare students for licensing exams by introducing them to the theory and operation of residential HVAC systems. The last stage of our program enables students to practice installation and repair techniques including brazing, soldering, pipe threading, and duct work. It also prepares students to find a career in their field. Students finalize their HVAC certification in Chicago after creating a personal career profile and completing an exit interview.

HVAC technicians are in high demand. As a graduate of our program you will be qualified to repair a full spectrum of heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment. Contact our heating repair school in Chicago, IL today and enjoy the fulfilling work of an HVAC technician tomorrow.

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In order to keep up with today’s technology and better prepare our students for the HVAC industry, HVAC Technical Institute reserves the right to add or remove any courses and/or materials that will assist you in your education. HVAC Technical Institute also reserves the right to shorten or lengthen any sections or modules as it feels necessary. Video and/or tape recordings are not allowed in the lab and/or classroom. All modules must be taken and/or passed to receive a HVAC Technical Institute certificate.