8 Ways New HVAC Technicians Can Improve Customer Retention

HVAC Technician Improving Customer RetentionAs a new HVAC technician, you want to build up a long-lasting customer base. You can do this only if your customers trust you and your work. If they do, they’ll call you again anytime a problem arises.

Use these tips to ensure your customers call you again—and recommend you to all their friends.

1. Greet Customers in a Friendly, Professional Manner

You didn’t necessarily choose HVAC tech as a career because you wanted to work with people. Nevertheless, having good people skills is important in any profession. Your attitude and demeanor can leave either a positive or negative impression on your customers.

When your customers first greet you at the door, smile and introduce yourself. Shake their hands if your hands are clean. If they seem stressed and concerned (and many people with HVAC problems are), acknowledge their concerns and assure them that you’ll work your hardest to solve the problem.

2. Explain the Problem in Words Customers Can Understand

Even if your customers don’t know a lot about HVAC technology, they want to know what’s going on and what needs to be fixed. They also want to get a sense that you know exactly what the problem is.

Before you start repair work, take a few minutes to explain to your customers the exact nature of the problem. Explain the problem clearly, avoiding technical terms they may not know. But don’t talk down to them either—tell them exactly what’s wrong and how you can fix it.

3. Be Prepared in Advance to Repair Any Problem

You want your customers to trust you and your skills. You’ll seem a lot more skilled and competent if you’re able to fix the problem quickly. But you can only do that if you have all the right tools and equipment.

Keep a supply of all necessary tools and equipment that you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. If you need to order a part, let your customers know exactly what you’re ordering and how long it will take for it to arrive. If the delivery is late, call your customers and let them know.

4. Offer Discounts for New Customers

A great way to please customers is to offer a discount for first-time customers. Of course, if you work for a company, your company will determine the type of discount you can offer. If you work as an independent contractor, the discounts are up to you.

You can continue to mail coupons to your customers so they’ll think to ask you for help in the future.

5. Leave the Home Cleaner than You Found It

Even if you solve your customers’ HVAC problems, they won’t be impressed if you leave their home looking dirty.

You should consider wearing shoe covers or placing a plastic covering on the floor in front of the HVAC system. Your job isn’t complete until you’ve made sure the area is clean and uncluttered.

6. Leave a Card Behind

Don’t leave behind any dirt or clutter, but do leave behind a card with your name and business information. A business card enhances your professional image and makes it more likely for your customers to call you in the future.

There are other ways to leave your name behind as well. You could place a sticker on the HVAC system with your company information on it. You could also give the customer a thermometer with your contact information on it.

7. Update Newsletters, Blogs, and Social Media

Your customers will continue to trust your expertise if you present yourself as a trusted voice about HVAC issues. You can mail a monthly newsletter to your customers or email them a newsletter or blog. Newsletters and blogs also remind your customers about you so they’ll call you when a problem arises.

Social media is another great way for you to build credibility and keep in touch with your customers. Post several times a week on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Talk about what your company is doing and how you’re helping the community. You could also offer deals and contests through social media to increase customer attention.

8. Check Up on Your Customers

Most professionals recommend that customers get their HVAC systems checked about once a year. An annual check can improve the system’s efficiency and prevent future problems.

To promote customer retention, keep track of when you last visited each customer. About a year after the last visit, mail or email a reminder about the annual service check.

If you’re about to graduate and start working as an HVAC technician, you should have your eye on building a customer pool that lasts. Follow these tips to retain your customers and ensure regular work for your new HVAC business.

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