8 HVAC Industry Media Outlets You Should Start Following Today

As a budding HVAC professional, it’s critical to build a knowledge base about industry happenings. You need to stay informed in order to adapt to changes in the business and to understand the greater economic landscape of your occupation.

The best way to do this is to follow HVAC-specific publications. While there’s certainly a lot of fluff out on the internet, we’ve sifted through it all and supplied you with eight helpful HVAC industry media outlets. Read on to learn more.

1. Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News

If there’s one media outlet you absolutely have to follow on this list, this is it. ACHR News is hands-down the industry standard for HVAC-related media, including breaking news, market breakdowns, video tutorials, content marketing how-to’s, product reviews, and instructional webinars.

All of the content you’ll digest from this site will be thoroughly researched and highly relevant.

2. National HVAC & Refrigeration Insider Online

Networking is a huge part of meeting other HVAC professionals, prospective business partners, and future clients. The National HVAC & Refrigeration Insider Online keeps you informed about industry expos, conferences, conventions, courses, workshops, and other events. It also publishes a product showcase every month, which reviews new and potentially revolutionary products.

3. HVACR Business

Is management part of your long-term career strategy? If so, then start following HVACR Business: The HVACR Management Magazine. This leadership-focused publication produces content about management strategies, customer service issues, sales and marketing best practices, and other executive-level concerns.

4. HVAC News

If you’re a total news junky, the HVAC News is for you. It rolls out daily blurbs about which companies merged and which technologies just got released across the HVAC and refrigeration industries. It maintains a calendar of industry expos and a database of HVAC jobs throughout the U.S.

5. TheHVACSource.com

Though TheHVACSource.com features a bare-bones web design, its less-is-more approach packs a lot of punch. Each piece of content is highly usable for an up-and-coming HVAC professional, particularly the site’s downloadable eBooks, digital trade publications, online training programs, and industry news.

6. Supply House Times

The official publication of the American Supply Association gives you a broad-minded perspective about what’s going on in the construction sector, based on what suppliers are doing and how they’re doing it.

The digital edition of the magazine offers access to the Times’s A-list columns, like Dan Holohan’s Heating Help and Jim Wheeler’s The Air Side. It also offers a fantastic multimedia section with a menu of podcasts, videos, an eBook, and a mobile app.

7. Contractor Magazine

Contractor Magazine calls itself the online resource for mechanical contracting, and it lives up to that label. It provides unique, interesting, and timely news pieces about things like construction unemployment rates. It also provides informative web features like 5 Common Plumbing Code Violations. The bottom line is that every piece of content on the magazine’s digital edition is useful.

8. Engineered Systems Magazine

Unlike the other media outlets on this list, Engineered Systems Magazine is written by engineers for people who work in construction and HVAC.

This monthly publication gives you a great insider’s look into the design and construction process of large buildings in the private and public sector. Through this analytic lens, it also discusses trends in equipment and techniques.

Talk to the well-informed instructors at HVAC Technical Institute to learn which industry-specific publications, social media accounts, and insider profiles they follow. Our staff stays abreast of industry voices and events, including the influencers featured in this list’s media outlets. Contact HVAC Technical Institute to get more information about how you can start your career as an HVAC professional.