7 Must-Have Apps for Every HVAC Technician

You’ve completed all necessary courses and graduation is drawing nigh. You’ve built a solid knowledge base and look forward to working as an HVAC technician, but worry you’ll forget something down the road or need extra assistance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far or pay loads of money for some extra assistance. With the help of technology, you have HVAC tools and other helpful information at your fingertips. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can access HVAC apps to help you diagnose a problem and find the right solution.

1. HVAC Buddy – iOS and Android

If you want to make your job easier (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), download HVAC Buddy the minute you complete your HVAC certification. When you are on the job, you can use HVAC Buddy to diagnose and determine the proper settings for refrigeration. The app comes with a number of helpful features, including the following:

  • Targeted vs. actual subcooling calculation
  • Airflow / Delta-T / TEET calculation
  • Imperial (IP) or Metric (SI) capabilities
  • Leaks, overcharge, and contaminants diagnosis
  • Target superheat and subcool tables
  • System status report email
  • Real-time output
  • User-friendly instructions

Carry the app to every job so you can quickly diagnose a problem and find the right solution.

Cost: $9.99

2. HVAC Tech Terminology – iOS

If you have a hard time remembering HVAC technology, the HVAC Tech Terminology app can assist you. This app includes over 700 terms, flash cards, a dictionary, and helpful quizzes you can use to ready yourself for any quiz or to remind you when you’re on the job.

Cost: $2.99

3. HVAC Check & Charge – iOS and Android

If you’re on the job and need an on-site refrigerant charge calculator, look no further than HVAC Check & Charge. This handy app allows HVAC contractors to correctly calculate a charge with one of the following calculators:

  • Airflow calculator
  • Subcooling calculator (TXV)
  • Superheat calculator (non TXV)

Once you use the calculator, you can determine the right charge and get any system up and running without wasting time.

Cost: Free

4. Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR – iOS

Another helpful refrigerant system app is Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR. The app stores information on the most common types of refrigerants and allows you to access the information and scroll to read the information.

The current refrigerants available on the app include the following: R-11, R-12, R-22, R-113, R-114, R-123, R-124, R-134a, R-176, R-218, R-227ea, R-236ea, R-236fa, R-245ca, R-245cb, R-E245fa1, R-290, R-400 (50-50), R-400(60-40), R-401a, R401b, R-402a, R-402b, R-404a, R-407c, R-408a, R409a, R-410a, R-414b, R-416a, R-417a, R-420A, R-500, R-502, R-507, R-601a, R-717, R-744, R-1270, R-13, R-13b1, R-21, R-23, R-32, R-115, and R-116

If you don’t see a refrigerant you commonly use, don’t worry. The app regularly updates to include more. Another helpful feature this app provides is Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. It also color codes information so you can easily access necessary data.

Cost: $1.99

5. Temp Chart – iOS

If you want to adopt methods that will help you become an efficient HVAC technician, download Temp Chart. This inexpensive app allows you to instantly compare temperature to resistance and use the necessary data for your project.

The app contains application for the following:

  • Supported thermistors (10K type 2, 10K type 3, 20K, 100K, 2252, and 3K)
  • Supported RTD sensors (375 curve and 385 curve)

Cost: $0.99

6. HVAC Duct Sizer – iOS

When readers of “Contracting Business” magazine voted HVAC Duct Sizer their favorite mobile app, HVAC technicians around the world quickly caught on. Today, HVAC Duct Sizer is the number one selling duct sizing application app for iOS.

What makes HVAC Duct Sizer so special? It allows you to do the following:

  • Quickly size one duct run or range of duct sizes
  • Specify airflow, velocity, and friction loss (results include rounded and exact dimensions)
  • Quickly increment or decrement input values and observe calculated results

The app works on an iPhone and iPad, so you can adjust the screen sizes accordingly.

Cost: $5.99

7. iHandy Level – iOS and Android

When O’Reilly Media released its list of “Best iPhone Apps,” it described iHandy Level as a gorgeous tool that’s woodgrain and lighting effects makes it “seem straight out of Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop.” The iHandy Level app gives you an accurate level so you can make sure you leave every worksite with straight angles, slopes, and verticals.

The best part of iHandy Level? You don’t have to load your tool belt with extra tools. Instead, you can download the app onto your phone and kill two birds with one stone.

Cost: Free

Take the time to browse through your smartphone app store and find the right HVAC apps for every project. Apps will help you feel more confident with your on-the-job decisions and provide the most efficient service to your clients. Don’t wait—start downloading today.