5 Arguments to Sell Yourself as an Electrician

As you begin your career as an electrician, selling yourself is as much a part of the business as selling your services. You already know why your customers should hire you, but how do you put that marketable words?

Especially as you begin your electrician career and don’t necessarily have decades of experience behind you, your customers may question whether they really need the services of an electrician or if they can do this work themselves. Every time you’re called for an assessment or an estimate, you have to prove to the customer why they should hire you to do the job you just proposed.

Luckily, your skills are highly valuable and protect your customers from dangerous DIY work. Use these arguments to communicate the value of your work to the people who are going to pay you.

1. You Know the Code

No matter how many customers you meet who think they have the skills to handle their own wiring, few if any will know building code like you do. Remind your customers that code requirements are a safety issue. If they start tying into isolated circuits or overloading plugs and switches, they’re going to run into trouble. You are there to prevent that trouble. You know the building code.

2. You Are Less Expensive than an Accident

If your potential customer thinks you sound expensive, imagine how much they’re going to have to pay if they mess up a job and have to shell out for huge repairs. List some comparisons for your customers, such as how much it costs for you to do the job versus how much it costs to replace the electric components if the customer has to fix them later. Demonstrate your value with actual numbers and they’ll see a job done right the first time is the way to go.

3. Tell Them to Cut Corners—Just Somewhere Else

DIY is a phenomenon for a reason. Some housework is relatively easy for customers to do themselves. Maybe your customers don’t think they should have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for work they can learn how to do from a YouTube video.

You can validate this sentiment in your customers’ minds without making them think they don’t need your skills. Talk about how if you mess up a paint job, it’s not a big deal. But if you mess up an electric job, you could cause a fire or cause serious damage to your home. Advise them to DIY, just not here.

4. You’ve Been Trained Well

You know how hard you worked in school, you know what kind of education you received, and you know how that benefits your customer. So tell them. Even if you don’t have decades of experience yet, you still went through a rigorous training process that taught you to be an expert at your craft as well as how to be safe.

Your customers do not know electrician best practices. They don’t know how to stay safe on the job and they didn’t receive the education you did. Explain what you did in school and the education you have backing you up on every job you perform.

5. You Have References

Even if you haven’t had a slew of customers quite yet, don’t be afraid to present testimonials from people who think you did a good job for them. Ask satisfied customers if you can use them as a reference, and use your good reviews to gain new fans.


Getting started in your electrician career can seem daunting, whether you’re working as a freelancer or with a company. But you have a lot to offer your customers—you just have to show them. Prove to your customers how valuable your work is and you’ll gain a loyal customer base in no time.